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Not only do we strive for the latest security camera and security alarms technology, but we also strive to always deliver high quality. This may not always be the cheapest option however it will definately be the best value option- offering maximum security that comes with guarantee, expert advice and longevity.


Since early 2014 most systems installed by Marske Alarms have been High Definition 1080P and now introducing 4K. These have more than 20x the pixel count of standard definition, (See the video below). Marske Alarms are currently predominantly installing HIKVISION camera Equipment. 

Hikvision is the world's largest supplier of video surveillance products and solutions. The company specializes in video surveillance technology, as well as designing and manufacturing a full-line of innovative CCTV and video surveillance products. The product line ranges from cameras and DVRs to video management software. Since its inception in 2001, Hikvision has quickly achieved a leading worldwide market position in the security industry.


Hikvisions latest innovative technology in HD transmission is HD-TVI. HD-TVI is High Definition Video Interface that offers the same plug and play install as standard definition systems, but is capeable of delivering much higher quality images.


As it is an analogue format, HD-TVI does not suffer from image delay, and it is capeable of transmitting 5x further than the 100m limit seen with standard digital formats. 


HD-TVI can be used on existing coax cable which means existing systems can be easily upgraded to this much higher spec. system. All Hikvision TVI range of DVRs will accept both SD analogue cameras and TVI cameras for full hybrid functionality. 


Each camera unit comes with it's own built in IR for low light illumination and all 1080P models are equipped with 120dB Wide Dynamic Range (WDR).


Also installing network cameras (IP cameras), an IP camera is a networked digital video camera that transmits data over a Fast Ethernet link. IP cameras are most often used for ip surveillance, a digitized and networked version of closed-circuit television. This allows cable runs to be simplified and made much easier especially on commercial sites.




TVL or (Television Lines), is the unit of which resolution is measure in. Cameras with high resolutions produce crisper, cleaner images. Most camera systems you can buy to fit DIY style or have fitted cheaply, have a resolution between 300-450 TVL. 


The videos below highlight the difference in quality between an SD camera and a HD camera. Altough Marske alarms do supply and fit SD cameras in the right property, due to an increased quality and all round performance, High Definition cameras are now becoming more of a necessity for our customers.


Afterall, what good is paying to catch tresspassers on your property if you can't see their faces?








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